Do you remember? Do you remember? Do you remember?

Madlibs of Regret

Steps 1-5

Do you remember buying that that you never because your told you they would if you it but it turns out she was a cheating who was only interested in your ? Well here's five easy steps to deal with that .

1. Don’t about it.

Don’t sweat it. It’s not like the cost a bunch of right? Plenty of have -s sitting around all the time! You’re not the , you won’t be the . And you can always it later. It’s not like this is for . You’re , you’re , and this just doesn’t happen to like you. It’s not your everyone else is . She’ll probably come soon, about her new . Any now.

2. Whatever, It’s a stupid anyway!

Just at it. It’s got those and even worse those . Who would even make such a piece of ?! Who would ever anyone to one of these for them? If this isn’t the you’ve ever seen, you’re a . Why did you have to get with it? It’s not like you it for . You knew . If she wasn’t such a she would have it with her. She and her new could with it all .

3. Please, I’ll anything.

You’ve gotta this the outta here. Maybe if you cleaned up her you could find some for it. Or if you real nice she’ll it back. Maybe you can her up and she'll remember when you and she went to that . Or maybe you could even the both of them out to to show you’re the bigger . It’s gotta , you’re a real nice and you can make this .

4. it, whatever.

It doesn't , nothing does. Why even ? This is never leaving your . I mean who would even come and it? Your is a mess, you’re your . You are a failure of a and it’s no wonder you can’t a out of your . You’re never going to another like no matter how hard you . Just up. There’s you can do. She’s never back and that’s all there is to it. You should probably just go yourself. You’ve got to for. Blow your all over her ! Or even better all over his ! Then she’ll that you really about and her and that you can better or she’ll you and you’ll in the under a of and from your .

5. Just accept it, It could be .

You didn’t it at first but it’s kinda over there in the . Maybe you can it up with a little . I mean she never about it but it’s actually pretty . The place would be pretty without it really. And there’s gotta be someone else who’s as into this giant as you are. You know what, you that . You it and you it and it’ll you too.